History Channel 11/29 @ PM…spoil alert – I hit on an Asian Girl at a Bar

Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen. After a couple of months in post production, I will be making my way into a television screen near you. That’s right. I’m gonna crawl right in through the back of your big screen, wearing my 8 dollar blue flannel shirt (you better believe it was that cheap at El Mundo) and I’m gonna hit on an Asian Chick, get in a bar fight and play me some pool as Jeff in “The Epic History of Everyday Things” and you’re gonna like it.

On a side note, growing up, I actually did think that little people were inside the TV and the Radio. Little miniature orchestras and actors running amok, entertaining me. Like those guys in the children’s book that take stuff like old socks and thimbles and what not. Does anyone remember that series of books or book? Little miniature people who borrow regular sized human thimbles and needles – I don’t know. I’m rambling but can I get an Amen here? Anyone else think there were tiny people living in your television? Thank god, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” taught me otherwise right? Watch out for that chocolate river! BAM. See you at 9 PM tomorrow on The History Channel.

Ha ha College Humor! Coming Soon

So I was fortunate enough to be cast as a principal actor in one of College Humor’s latest sketches: “America- The World’s Annoying Friend.” It was a great experience and it looks like it’s going to be a quality piece of work. The concept is simple: what would happen if all the major countries in the world were personified by a group of actors and then those actors were forced to sit in, say, a coffee shop a la “Friends” and shoot the breeze? It would be safe to say America (played by a hilarious Streeter Seidel of MTV’s “Prank Wars” fame) would be hitting up China for cash, taking potshots at France’s laziness and brushing off the United Kingdom (that’s me) with tasteless BP jokes.

It was a great day of shooting and it was a blast being on set at Windmill Studios in Brooklyn. Coming soon to a website near you!

Website Launch in 3, 2, 1…oops already here.

Hey guys, Chris here. It’s the height of narcissism to talk about yourself in the 1st person but that’s half the point of having a website dedicated to yourself. ¬†Anyway, I digress, but that’s what actors do! Welcome to my brand spanking new website. Special thanks to Jo Avery for helping develop it!