Spring Happenings

Been behind with updating the ol’ website, but that’s a good thing because being busy is good. Or so they tell me. Whoever they are.

In April and May I played Tom- a slovenly actor type whose characterization may or may not have been inspired by my wife’s nine season binge watch of Friends. No Tom was not based on Joey. He just wasn’t. Whose to say how inspiration works?

The play was a rousing success- well reviewed, laughed at (in a good way), and I got to wear a hell a lot of orange which has always been a dream of mine.  It was excellent working with the ever capable director Rachel Klein of “Around the World in 80 Days” fame.  The cast was similarly talented and for the first time in a  long time- a group of people with whom I will miss working. I mean that in a  good way for the folks I just got done working with- no offense to casts of yore…although, it sounds cranky.  I am cranky. Why am I writing this at 4 am? I digress. Anyway, “Love Me” was  easily my best experience from swinging through an Actors Access audition on the fly and seeing where it led. Thanks to Jason S. Grossman and Amber Gallery for the opportunity, a funny script, and a sure hand.

NEXT UP: Mike in Chelsea Rep’s production of “A Lie of the Mind.” This will be my third (fourth?) collaboration with John Grabowski and The Acting Studio, New York. It’s always a pleasure going back. We have a common vocabulary and John is always able to guide me to my best work. It’s been a while (maybe never)  since I have been in the kind of production that changes the air in the room, draws people in, and engages them deeply and viscerally. Some of the best performances I have ever seen were crafted under the auspices of The Acting Studio, New York in association with Chelsea Repertory Company and  I am excited to see where this leads. Rehearsals are humming along nicely. LoveMe


Smile #1After much delay… I have finally gotten new head shots…. And they really are quite something. David Noles is a truly talented fellow and a master of his craft.  The afternoon I spent taking pictures with him and his assistant Anna was an experience I will treasure for years to come. Old friends and comrades after a short hour or two.

David’s approach is collaborative, simple and ultimately profound. And the afternoon feels like a series of ever deepening conversations punctuated by the clicking of a camera. Somehow, through a day of meandering conversations, various fabric swatches, subtle lighting changes, and touch ups to the hair and makeup by Anna, David finds the real you- not the one that pulls faces for Facebook or Instagram- the essence that exists beneath all that.  A lot of folks wonder why head shots can be so expensive (and they often are just that- expensive) but really good photography, like all art, costs something. Portraiture, which is what a headshot would fall under in the fine arts, isn’t something to be taken lightly. Nowadays any yahoo with a camera and iPhoto can get into the game. Kind of like anybody can take the bus into the Port Authority, walk up Broadway, buy themselves a Magnolia Cupcake, sit down and eat it while calling themselves an actor. You can say it, but it doesn’t make it true. Photography, when done correctly, just like acting, is indeed an art form. And it was fun to spend an afternoon working with another artist.  David’s work is on another level. Check out his website: www.davidnoles.com

The Williamstown Theatre Festival

It’s been a busy summer already. “June Moon” is wrapped as well as my part as the Sheriff in Susan Glaspell’s theatrical classic “Trifles.” It was a pleasure to work along such consummate professionals (both young and old) and earn my first EMC points in such a great atmosphere. I can see why people come back to work here year after year. Great news is that the summer ain’t over til it’s over, and several exciting new opportunities are sure to come my way.

I am busy working with John Grabowski in his directing workshop at The Acting Studio, Inc. Taking on scenes from “Awake and Sing” as well as “Orpheus Descending.” Also, I am working with the very talented Nicole Ricciardi in devising a piece based off of Jean Paul Sartre’s little known novella- “The Chips are Down.” It’s a ghost story with an existential twist…. I’m not sure if existential twists are a thing but I’m gonna go ahead and say that is the case.

Hobson’s Choice is Here

This August I will be starring alongside my long term classmate Katia Thomas in The Acting Studio, Incorporated’s production of “Hobson’s Choice.” A rollicking mash up of everything from King Lear, to Cinderella, to a reverse gender role Taming of the shrew with a little Pygmalion thrown in – it promises to be a good time for one and all. We open on August 8th at Shetler Studios in midtown Manhattan and run through August 17th. Come one and come all!

Busy Beaver this Spring and Summer

Hello all you beautiful people! Spring is gone and summer is here and I’ve been working, working, working to bring you all sorts of entertainment. First matter of the day – I just finished my Technique 1 class at James Price’s The Acting Studio, Inc. It was a long and very fruitful 9 months but not only can I feel a difference in my acting – I’ve seen objective results. In the past two months I’ve booked an independent feature film, a pilot, produced and starred in a short film, and put one of my plays up in a reading at The Acting Studio, Inc. Say that five times fast. I will go into detail about the individual projects in later posts but they are all very exciting and SAG eligibility come July seems likely.

Before I go, make sure to check out my Short Film posted under the “reel” section of my website. It’s me and an old (and talented) friend from high school one Mr. PJ Barnes of ScrewUp TV fame starring in a short film about death, bureaucracy, and how similar St. Peter’s gates may or may not be to the DMV. Enjoy.

Chris Returns to His Homeland to Shoot a Short

Ladies and Gents… I’m excited to announce that I will be returning to Charlotte, NC in the first week of April to shoot a short called “Arbitration” with my dear friend and fellow actor of yon yesteryear PJ Barnes of ScrewUp TV fame. That’s right crown town – I’m coming home. I’m going to be having me some serious screen time in this short metaphysical quasi-comedy about the particulars of the sorting room post death…also known as St. Peter’s gates…also known as Judgement Day. Stay tuned for details.