Smile #1After much delay… I have finally gotten new head shots…. And they really are quite something. David Noles is a truly talented fellow and a master of his craft.  The afternoon I spent taking pictures with him and his assistant Anna was an experience I will treasure for years to come. Old friends and comrades after a short hour or two.

David’s approach is collaborative, simple and ultimately profound. And the afternoon feels like a series of ever deepening conversations punctuated by the clicking of a camera. Somehow, through a day of meandering conversations, various fabric swatches, subtle lighting changes, and touch ups to the hair and makeup by Anna, David finds the real you- not the one that pulls faces for Facebook or Instagram- the essence that exists beneath all that.  A lot of folks wonder why head shots can be so expensive (and they often are just that- expensive) but really good photography, like all art, costs something. Portraiture, which is what a headshot would fall under in the fine arts, isn’t something to be taken lightly. Nowadays any yahoo with a camera and iPhoto can get into the game. Kind of like anybody can take the bus into the Port Authority, walk up Broadway, buy themselves a Magnolia Cupcake, sit down and eat it while calling themselves an actor. You can say it, but it doesn’t make it true. Photography, when done correctly, just like acting, is indeed an art form. And it was fun to spend an afternoon working with another artist.  David’s work is on another level. Check out his website:

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